audio & video production

Audio & Video Production

I started to get into filmmaking whilst realizing a musical short film for one of my songs.

So what i do is:

Composing & Soundscaping for films

Realization of films

Editing & Colourgrading

Audio Recording & Production


Above you find “The Mess Song”, the first musical film, for which i did all of the three. Below you find different projects i am happy to have contributed to.

Composition & Soundscaping

For Mustafa Yol´ s “Kamillenwoche” i did the theme “Hope”.

It was my first experience making music for a film. Thank you Mustafa & Kino Kabaret!


In the grandiose “Vracula”, a film made by Due e mezzo, i had the pleasure to do the audio production as well as the Vracula theme.


“Summertime Memories”, a film by Amayel Ndiaye shot on the beautiful Campi Flegrei with some L4music guitars added.


Work as creative director / editor / colourist

“The Mess Song” was the ignition of my work as a filmmaker. Obviously it is a film made around a piece of music i wrote and produced and then decided to create cinematography for it. I really love doing that, so i found more projects which you can see below.

This is “The Spy” by MADMADAM

I came up with the concept and script of this and was able to realise the film with the help of a great team directing, shooting, acting.

The edit and colouring was done by my humble self.

This is “Aleppo” by SONIC BLACK HOLES

I traveled to the island of Porquerolles with the idea to this film in mind. And again, thanks to great support by the team of Kino Porquerolles, i was able to shoot and edit it in 48 hours.

This is “Rider to the sea” a tribute to Anna Calvi by JEANNY HAS HAD A NIGHTMARE

It is, believe it or not, made of footage shot at home using a macro lens and a phone combined with the 1920´s version of Moby Dick.

DoP here, the best Rolf ever.

Concept & edit by L4music

Audio production & Composition

… i´ll be back to continue this shortly 🙂